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Molí de la Vansa

The Paris family had, years ago, left the countryside to move to the city of Barcelona, but this path changed its course when the son decided to move back to the family roots, settling in the village of Boada. The bond they had always had with the land encouraged them to start up different projects to recover the native harvests and the fruits they offer, such the vineyards, the olive trees, the cereals and the horticulture. They put aside the intensive production and focus their efforts on recovering and boosting native varieties of the area, valuing the final product over its performance.  

Little by little and with a great deal of effort, a new project was born, La Vansa. It encompasses a space for the recovery of tradition, fields and fruits that it gives. What began as a dream has now become a reality which has made its way to a winery, a mill and to an agrotourism house in the region of La Noguera. La Vansa is a place where to learn about what lays behind the daily products and know about the elaboration process while enjoying the calm that the catalan Pre-pyrenees offer.

We value the final product


La casa del Moliner

This is our philosophy, we are passionate about sharing our origins and the love for our land. This desire led us to strat up the olive oil tourism project, binding together the rural tourism and the oil how we know, living it in first-hand. 

We have restored La Casa del Moliner which was used as a home for the day laborers and the millers. Nowadays, it hosts groups of people who are looking for nature, switching off from routine and living experiences. 

Thanks to the restoration of this place, we have managed to achieve our goal: to enhance the value of an unforgettable location filled with culture and stories to tell.

To know something well, you often have to experience it

Come and get to know us

The house is fully equipped, it can host up to 6 adults and two children. Moreover, the village of Boada has just two inhabitants, so it is the perfect place to unwind and surround yourself with nature and calm without giving up on any amenity.

Whenever guests wish, we also invite them to live the experience of seeing how we make our olive oil.