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Artisanal Olive Oil Production

The oil production process starts before olives are taken to the mill, everything begins with the selection and care of the plant. In La Vansa we work with Veridell olives, a native olive from Montsec, which is a dry land. This variety was cultivated by the grandparents and nowadays it is disused due to its low output. In La Vansa we recover and put faith in this native variety as it offers a different and unique extra virgin olive oil that we love.

The recollection is done by hand and the time between it is being collected until it is processed is never longer than 12 hours. This way, we avoid the rusting of the olive which has an impact in the oil’s quality. We have our own mill that allows us to process the olive under strict quality parameters. The oil is kept in tanks made out of stainless steel while it awaits to be bottled. 

We value the final product